I’ve Got Everything I need

Today, I’ve struggled with what to write about.

My writing voice was nowhere to be found. Nothing I put on the page moved me. And if didn’t make me feel, how could it possibly touch you?

If it were the days of the typewriter the floor would be a littered, strewn with crumpled up pages.


And then I took the advice offered in the quote above. I spent time in prayer. I needed to listen – to God first.

I took some time away from all the distractions, instead I spent time doing activities that I find relaxing.

I prepared a big breakfast.

Spent time working in the yard, raking leaves in the blowing wind.

Found new blooms on the Snapdragons.

My focus turns to the One and I begin to feel His nudging, His reassurance that I do have something to say today.

My words do matter, if only because I am His vessel.

As a member of his flock, my faith is my voice.

I’ve got everything I need.

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