A New Adventure

Today I set on the edge of a new adventure.

Today, I will be a grandmother for the first time.

When I found out they would be inducing my son’s girlfriend today I decided to do what anyone would do – I got on a plane.

I knew I needed to be there. It isn’t every day when your first grandchild is born.

I’m nervous for my son and for his girlfriend.

They are young – this is a new experience.

But then I remember so was I.

Its funny the things you think about when you get “older”.

I’m thinking about the worries my parent’s must have had for me, and my former husband when we started our family so young.

How would we pay for it? How would we know what to do? How would be raise children?

But, looking back, I’d say we did just fine.

Some might even say we did a good job.

Without mistakes, errors –nope.

But both of our children are healthy and happy.

And today – today my son begins his family.

The adventure of being a dad.

I’m worried. The baby is small they say. But I’ve prayed.

I’ve turned this precious gift of life over to God.

And as I sit here waiting to board the plane to meet the new life that I will love beyond all, I know everything will be okay.


I don’t know what I want to be called. Glamma, Grammy, Mimi, Nana?

I guess I will leave it up to Baby Dax to decide.

And I know when I look into those little eyes for the first time, and touch that little head while holding that tiny hand, that I will hold the hand of a blessing.

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