No Recourse Send More Mercy

We received information shortly after Ryan’s death, that, if proven true by the evidence at the scene of the accident that killed him, would require us to make a decision as to whether or not we wanted to take legal action against a company.
We’ve been struggling a lot with this.

I won’t go into all of it here – but this past week, two things happened:

1) The evidence came back proving that an egregious wrong did occur in relation to Ryan’s death.

2) Due to the bankruptcy disbursement of the offending company, we found out have no recourse.

It stings so badly.

I’ve learned of other families this same thing has happened too, and my heart breaks.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.59.56 PM

I don’t know if we would have taken on a legal battle, but the choice is no longer ours.

I’ve been upset, of course, but I will admit it, I’m also angry.

From so many past experiences in my life I believe the message you need to receive comes to you right about when you need it. As I sat here with an ache in my heart, wanting to lash out, even, in moments, to avenge Ryan’s death, I read the daily blog posting for the Esther Bible study in which I am participating.

Through that blog, I found a message that has soothed my wounded heart, and stilled my pride.

“Rather, He wants us to find our self worth, not in what we do, but rather in whose we are. Our self worth is found in our identity in Christ, and in Him alone. ” From Pride, Honor and a Royal Mess.

And so, because I belong to Him, by His Grace alone, we will go on from here…


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