Happy Father’s Day!

For our family, Father’s day is laced with small smiles shining through tears as we wish there were more memories to be made with Warren, Joseph, and Ryan.

My dad, Warren Catlin died when I was young, and so was he. For years, it was hard to face this holiday with only his pictures. But now, I see glimpses of him in my son’s eyes and smile, and in the faces of other family members. Even after all of these years…he’s still with me.

Michael’s dad, Joseph Wozniak instilled in Michael a love for the game of golf. I don’t think there is ever a time when Michael approaches a golf shot that he doesn’t hear his dad’s voice in his head…He still carries his dad’s putter in his golf bag, so Joe never misses a round.

I’ve seen my husband, Michael guide his children with faith and a gentle spirit. Sharing with them the things he loves. A few years ago Ryan made his dad a mix CD. On it, he wrote “Happy Father’s Day.” Michael listens to it all of the time, remembering shared music moments with a son who is no longer here to celebrate Father’s Day with him.

I was remembering their love and their legacies when I started looking through our pictures for some of our son, Ross and his boys.

First, I found the one of him gently grabbing Dax’s hand leading him away from the dangers in the parking lot that a toddler doesn’t yet understand.

Then, I found one where he is walking with and calming a fussy Slayde.

And my heart swells. He’s a good dad.

A patient dad who will teach his boys about things they will grow to love. Like football and music. And those little boys will look up to and look like their daddy.

And in each moment, big and small, new Father’s Day memories are being made, built on a legacy of love.

Happy Father’s Day! ‪#‎HappyFathersDay‬

13435401_10154140927923260_205142291658739742_nFrom Top left: Michael, Ross and Dax, Ross and Slayde, My dad, Warren, with me, Ryan and His Grandpa (Michael’s Dad) Joe.

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