R.Y.A.N. Year Two

Last year, Michael was having difficulty getting into the Christmas Spirit. On one side of Quail Hollow Park off the path sits a tiny pine. The only pine in the area it stands out against all of the other barren trees in the cold months.

We randomly decided to decorate that pine in the woods.RYAN tree 2018

We wrapped it with ribbon and solar snowflake lights. We tied the tiny mittens on it was had used to decorate the Christmas tree in the hospital room of Michael’s mom Patricia her last Christmas here.

A tiny little tree made a difference. That act made us smile. Those smiles came home with us, and so did the Christmas spirit we’d been lacking.

But there was something else, “You see we left a sign saying, ““We decorated this tree in memory of our son who loved to walk in these woods. Please sign here in memory of someone you miss this Christmas.”” People had written the names of loved ones they had lost and notes with well wishes for us. Each signature filled our hearts. It made our whole Christmas.”

When we went to decorate it this year I was surprised at how much it had grown.

A lot can change in a year.

This year, Random Yule Action Now (R.Y.A.N.) the story about that little tree was included in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Wonder of Christmas: 101 Stories about the Joy of the Season.

In November I lost my friend Debbie. So this year we placed a set of angel wings on that tree in memory of Debbie. Debbie was such a supporter of writers – not just me. I’ve consistently heard since she left us how supportive she was.

We also hid two copies of the book in the park – in memory of Debbie. I know that would make her smile. I hope she did.

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