Glimpses of His Glory

Merry Christmas! I hope all of you see many glimpses of His Glory all around you.

In July of 2014, Ryan (my stepson), was killed when the gas can he was using to light his bonfire exploded. For three days he was a missing person. Then, we found him and found out what happened to him.

That Christmas our grief overshadowed our joy for the Holiday.

One December day I was home alone. It was late afternoon and had gotten dark outside as I sat on the couch doing nothing but contemplating the how and the why. Holiday music filled the background but lost in my thoughts I paid it no mind—until this song came on. For some reason, which I attribute to GOD, Martina’s voice with the words, “and the soul felt its worth” broke through my thoughts igniting my soul with the reminder of HIS HOPE!

I actually did fall on my knees with tears streaming down my face—I still can’t listen without crying!

Each of us has faced loss – some of us this year. Holidays seem to magnify the missing faces at the table. I understand. More importantly—HE DOES!

Know—YOU will see them again. May your soul feel its worth today and every day!

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