Mother’s Day: Finding Joy in the Imperfect

I know this holiday can be one of mixed emotions! Believe me, I understand.

Even if you aren’t a Mother—if you are a woman, you are an encourager. By nature, women nurture. Celebrate your generous, giving, loving, faithful, nurturing life today! Someone out there needs the “Mom” in you.

If you’ve lost your Mom—remember her today. Celebrate her life! The blessings—traditions, heritage, genetics (hey, maybe you have her laugh), that she passed on to you. Her beauty lives in your heart, and most likely, in your mirror.

If you’ve lost one or more of your precious children, or maybe you’re estranged, my heart goes out to you through my own tears. But, even here, in the ache of the after, I know God planted Ryan’s abbreviated but beautiful life in mine for a reason. That, and knowing the beautiful peace he has now, gives me hope. I pray that you have that hope too. And oh, his smile, he was rarely without it—and I have only to think of it and it brings me one of my own.celebrate

Maybe your kids are far away—today is the day to pull out that dusty photo album and snap a few shots of those snapshots—go ahead, pick the most embarrassing ones, then text them on over to your world traveler. Remember, it’s the security you give them that allows them to have both roots and wings.

Sometimes, celebrating the imperfect, as hard as it is, takes us back to the memories that were “oh so perfect,” and to the joy that lives there—and lives on in each of us.

Celebrate that joy today!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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