Exciting News!

My Nebraska Roots Always a Husker Heart really wanted to write for the Hometown Team of Her View From Home, but I was afraid to submit to them—still, I did it.

Below is a glimpse of my first piece with them:

“Dear husband,

When I sat down to write this and stared at the blank page, my thoughts reached back to the memories of that sun-drenched September afternoon when we met.

On that day, our eyes didn’t meet but our hearts did. And that moment—a blink on the screen and a 10-minute chat—changed my life.

I thought about our relationship, from the computer screen to the phone. The six months it took for me to even send you a picture of myself, and the year we spent getting to know each other before meeting in person.

We took things slowly, but the connection was strong. I knew you were meant to be in my life.

I thought of the letters we wrote back then, exposing ourselves layer by layer on the page. Letters that took us (or at least me) all day to write.

Through the years I’ve told our story through letters, blog posts, and in the pages of my journal. There are chapters filled with the meet-cute, the soul-shattering grief over the loss of your son Ryan that nearly destroyed us, and the rediscovery of each other after almost losing us.

On those stacks of envelopes and inked memories and moments, the rock-solid foundation of our now decade-old marriage was built.

But I’ve never told you the most important thing you coming into my life did.”

Click Here for the rest of the story.

Also—I have a Facebook page now, it’s here!

And my new blog will be live in January. More on that coming later!

I’m over the moon…and so so grateful to all of you who support me and my writing, and of course to my King—All the Glory to God!

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