5 Reasons to write a letter on National Letter Writing Day

There hasn’t been a lot in 2020 that I have been able to get on board with. But—then I found out today is National Letter Writing Day, and I just had to offer my 2¢ on writing letters to those you care about.

Here are 5 reasons to write a letter to someone you love—TODAY—on National Letter Writing Day:

Texting is Great, But A Letter Has Longevity

1) I know a text is immediate, add a meme and boom—the picture is worth a thousand words. But a letter is something that lasts beyond lost phones and new numbers. Beyond 2020. Maybe even beyond your lifetime. Think about it. A letter you write today could be found in your wife’s jewelry box years from now by your great-granddaughter—now that’s something that lasts.

2) Do you long to tell someone exactly what they mean to you? But then you get together, you say a couple of sentences, pat them on the back, and then the conversation goes in another direction. A letter offers you an opportunity to put on paper what you may have trouble saying out loud. And—you can edit it.

A Letter Can Reach Across the Miles and Through the Hurt

3) Have you fallen out of touch with someone but you long to reconnect? A letter is the perfect way to do that. Maybe you left on terms that were not the best, by reaching out via a letter you can be sure the other person will be in the right frame of mind to receive your correspondence (because they likely wait until they are to read it!) No slammed door in your face. No straight to voicemail when you call.

4) A letter is the most personalized form of communication there is. Yes, a phone call has your voice and an in person meeting is very intimate but once you hang up or go home all that is left is the memory. When your loved one reads your letter, they hear your voice in their head. They know your handwriting and it has meaning to them. A letter is a permanent part of you that your loved one can keep and will treasure.

A Priceless Gift They Won’t Regift or Maybe They will

5) Stuck on what to get someone for Christmas? A card is nice, and I would definitely spend some time picking one out to go with your letter. But I’d also spend the next few weeks crafting the perfect words to say to those who matter most to you. Buy some fancy stationery, and write, don’t type your words (do a few practice copies on the computer if you need to, and edit until you’re satisfied with your flow of words). A letter is a gift they will read over and over again. And who knows, you might start something. Maybe they will write a letter back to you! Wouldn’t that be something?

As we all can testify to, 2020 has been a tough year. Your letter just might be the bright spot someone needs to keep them going. Those folded pages you take the time to write might give them the hope they need right now!

So start that letter today, on #NationalLetterWritingDay!

For more on how I feel about letters, check out the Why Echoing Hearts page of my blog.

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