The 2020 R.Y.A.N. Tree

God delivered a glorious day today. We had several inches of frost the tree branches and make it a winter wonderland snow yesterday—and it just so happened today was the day we planned to head out to decorate the R.Y.A.N. Tree. If you haven’t heard the story of the tree, you can find the blogContinue reading “The 2020 R.Y.A.N. Tree”

Soul Blessings From the R.Y.A.N. Tree

Have you ever encountered something that was such a surprise, you could barely look at it? Even now, as I sit down to write this, I’m awed by what happened and the way it has opened something inside my heart, training my focus in this barely broken in new year. On Michael’s day off last week, we headedContinue reading “Soul Blessings From the R.Y.A.N. Tree”

R.Y.A.N. Year Two

Last year, Michael was having difficulty getting into the Christmas Spirit. On one side of Quail Hollow Park off the path sits a tiny pine. The only pine in the area it stands out against all of the other barren trees in the cold months. We randomly decided to decorate that pine in the woods.Continue reading “R.Y.A.N. Year Two”

Autographed Copies

Would you like to give someone a special gift this Christmas? Autographed books make excellent gifts. Each Chicken Soup for the Soul book offers stories of all different types from funny to make you cry in your cocoa. Sure to please everyone on your list. I have a limited number of copies of: Chicken SoupContinue reading “Autographed Copies”