Echoing Hearts

Why Echoing Hearts

Echoing Hearts was born from a love of writing and a longing to share stories that touch my heart while encouraging you to share yours!

Why echoing hearts, you might ask.

I can’t wait to tell you…but first a bit of background about me. 

I am a romantic at heart, a woman of words (a writer), and a lover of letters.

Or is it a lover of love letters?

I’m not sure. 

When we first met, my husband, Michael, and I lived over 700 miles apart. During this time we exchanged over 180 letters (more on that in another post).

In those letters we told each other everything, sharing our deepest feelings, hopes, and dreams.

Those letters helped form the foundation of our relationship today. I once told him it was like our hearts were echoing each other 700 miles apart.

One letter he wrote to me during that time moved me so much; I tucked it in my jewelry box, with many other prized possessions. 

It seems letters have always been a significant part of who I am. 

I have been blessed knowing that some letters I have written have become keepsakes for others. 

For my Mother’s 60th birthday, I sent her a letter telling her how thankful I am that such a strong woman raised me. My father passed away when I was five, and it was my Mother’s grace, combined with her strength as a single mother, that helped shape me into the woman I am today.

She has kept that letter. 

Before my husband and I were married, I wrote a letter to my soon to be Mother-In-Law thanking her for raising her son the way she did. I explained that as I had come to know her, I knew it was her who had made him into a man who deeply loves and respects those in his life. She was so moved by those words she called me on the phone in tears. 

A few years ago, I met a woman named Jennifer on a freelance website. She explained she was married to, and in love with, an English teacher named Brian. Brian was a man of words, and she was a woman of science who felt she needed help to express how she felt for him in a letter. She said time was of the essence. Her post moved me to tears, you see, Jennifer was dying. 

I knew I needed to help her. We started corresponding via email about her relationship with Brian, and I went to work, weaving together words that would hopefully be a legacy of her love for him.

Then, Jennifer and I lost contact. I tried every way I had to contact her to no avail. 

I believe she ran out of time.

I still have the fragments of her letter to Brian, and I am haunted to this day that he never received it.  

I will always wish I could have finished Jennifer’s letter to Brian, but I can’t.

Still, the experience has strengthened in me the desire to share how I feel with those I love—today—because the truth is, we don’t know when the time we think we have to do so might run out. 

It has also filled me with a longing to try to inspire and help others express the feelings in their hearts with those they care about through writing.

But I didn’t know if I had something that was important enough to share, so I prayed for guidance, for a sign that this was something I was supposed to do. 

One winter morning I looked out my bedroom window into our driveway and saw the image posted below. The hearts in the snow weren’t planned; just driving in and out had created them. Two hearts echoing each other. I saw it as my sign.

I want to invite you to share the love in your heart with those you care about. Whether it is a letter to your soul mate or a kind gesture for a lonely stranger, any expression of the love in your heart will do. 

And if you need a little help to get started, I’m here for you. Really!

My hope is that when you visit Echoing Hearts and read the stories, I share you will leave inspired to echo that love out into the world. 

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